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Weekly special debuts Wednesday, March 29th!!

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*Served w/ Better-Made Potato Chips,

sub Tater Tots or Garden Salad 1.5

Cheese Steak Hoagie 12

Shaved sirloin, sautéed peppers & onions, house-made cheese wiz, hoagie roll

Lobster Roll 12

Lobster salad, spring mix, black truffle oil, toasted roll

Monte Cristo 11

Dearborn, smoked ham, Swiss cheese, house blackberry-jalapeno jelly, TBC spicy beer mustard, French toast

Turkey 10

All natural turkey breast, brie, tomato, bacon, TBC pesto-mayo, spring mix, herbed focaccia

Hot Italian 10

Genoa salami, smoked ham, provolone, shaved onions, spicy pickled vegetables, baguette

Cuban 10

Smoked ham, pulled pork, swiss cheese, pickles, house-made spicy beer mustard, baguette

Pulled Pork 10

Pork shoulder braised in TBC stout, cheddar, black-bean corn salsa, guacamole, stout BBQ sauce, brioche

Mediterranean Garden 9

House-made hummus, 4 Corners Creamery feta, kalamata olives, shaved red onion, cucumber, tomato, spring mix, olive oil, herbed focaccia

Snacks Salad $6

Boulevard Market Cheese and Sausage 13

(Not available at happy hour pricing)

TBC Nachos 12

Shaved sirloin, house chorizo, pulled pork, smoked chicken or sautéed peppers & onions, TBC smoked gouda cheese sauce, house black bean corn salsa, house salso & jalapeno over tortilla chips

Add guacamole 2

(Not available at happy hour pricing)

Baked Chicken Wings

Bone-In Jumbo Wings 10

Boneless Chicken Meatballs 7

Tossed in your choice of house sauces: BBQ, Jerk, Buffalo w/ crumbled bleu cheese, Honey Sriracha, Ginger Sweet Chili, Ghost Chili, Alabama White

Pub Dip Trio 9

House hummus, salsa & guacamole served with tortilla chips and toasted baguette

Smoked Gouda Mac n Cheese 8

Add bacon 1

Add house chorizo, pulled pork, smoked chicken or shaved sirloin 3

Add Lobster salad 5

Smoked Buffalo Chicken Dip 8 

House-smoked chicken, bleu cheese, cream cheese, hot sauce, served with tortilla chips & celery

 Basket of Tater Tots 4

Better-Made Potato Chips 1.5

Chipotle Slaw 3


*Served w/ Better-Made Potato Chips,

sub Tater Tots or Garden Salad 1.5

Chorizo 12

House chorizo & guacamole, tomato, TBC sriracha-lime mayo, feta, fried egg, brioche

Smokey Bleu 12

4 Corners Creamery smoked bleu cheese, sautéed mushrooms, house-made stout caramelized onions, brioche

The TBC 12

Bacon, house-made beer cheese, fresh jalapeno, pretzel roll

Steamy Heap 12

Bacon, fried egg, smoked ham, hot sauce, cheddar, brioche

Classic 10

American cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, brioche

Live Music Every Thursday Night!!

Craft tacos Sal6

 *Served w/ tortilla chips & house salsa

sub Tater Tots or Garden Salad 1.5

Whitefish (3) 12

Blackened, house roasted pineapple sauce, TBC chipotle slaw, corn tortillas

Smoked Jerk Chicken (2) 11

Smoked all-natural chicken breast, spring mix, house pineapple salsa, jerk dressing, flat bread

Al Pastor (3) 11

Marinated and roasted pork belly, house-pickled radish slaw, TBC sriracha-lime mayo, fresh cilantro, corn tortillas

Authentico (3) 10

Our house chorizo, minced onions, fresh cilantro, salsa verde, corn tortillas

soup and salads

Add shaved sirloin, smoked chicken or pulled pork 3

Add whitefish 4

The Boulevard Salad 9

Spring mix, 4 Corners Creamery feta, pecans, shaved red onion, strawberries, house-made honey-balsamic vinaigrette

Chef's Salad 8

Romaine, smoked ham, turkey, provolone, egg, red onion, cucumber, tomato house-made avocado ranch

Caesar Salad 8

Romaine, tomatoes, bacon, parmesan cheese, croutons, house Caesar dressing

House Chorizo Black Bean Chili Bread Bowl 9

House chorizo, black bean chili, scallions, fresh cilantro, sourdough cheddar bread bowl

TBC Beer Cheese Soup 6

with toasted baguette

Sub Bread Bowl 2