Happy June! POMMILK & Stardust Sour this week!

Tecumseh Brewing Company Upcoming Events



*Tuesday Night Trivia*

Every Tuesday night we feature Sporcle Live Trivia! Games begin @ 7 & 8pm. Winners & second place of each game take home TBC gift cards!


*Live Music & Comedy @ TBC*



Friday June 1st BOMM 8-11pm

Saturday June 2nd TBC COMEDY NIGHT 9-11pm

Monday June 4th Wasabi Pearls (Our Sous Chef Mark Rothfuss & Mike Becker!) 7-9pm

Thursday June 7th Cat Canyon 7-10pm

Friday June 8th No Conflict 8-10pm

Saturday June 9th Chris & Shellby 8-11pm

Thursday June 14th Michael Klein 7-10pm

Friday June 15th Soup Sandwich 8-10pm

Saturday June 16th Jeremy Blaska 8-10pm

*Thursday June 21st The Native Heart 7-10pm*

*Friday June 22nd The Versatile Violinist 8-10pm*

*​Saturday June 23rd Wooden Minds 8-11pm*

Thursday June 28th Michael Blanchard 7-10pm

Friday June 29th One Hit Wonders 8-10pm

Saturday June 30th Cat Canyon 8-11pm


Thursday July 5th Michael Blanchard 7-10pm

Friday July 6th BOMM 8-10pm

Saturday July 7th TBC COMEDY NIGHT 9-11pm 

Thursday July 12th Russ Kendrick Martin 7-10pm

Friday July 13th Soup Sandwich 8-11pm

Saturday July 14th Cat Canyon 8-11pm

​Thursday July 19th Harrington - Brown Guitar Duo 7-10pm

​Friday July 20th The Versatile Violinist 8-11pm

​Saturday July 21st Cat Canyon 8-11pm

Monday July 23rd Wasabi Pearls 7-9pm

Thursday July 26th Noah Martis 7-10pm

Friday July 27th Dustin Burwell Comedy Special Filming, “Live From Tecumseh Brewing Co!”

Saturday July 28th Jeremy Blaska 8-10pm


​Thursday Aug 9th Noah Martis 7-10pm

Friday Aug 10th BOMM 8-10pm

Saturday Aug 11th Cat Canyon 8-11pm

Thursday Aug 16th Russ Kendrick Martin 7-10pm

Friday Aug 17th Mighty Rhythm Bandits 8-11pm

Saturday Aug 18th TBC COMEDY NIGHT 9-11pm

Thursday Aug 23rd Cat Canyon 7-10pm

Friday Aug 24th Soup Sandwich 8-11pm

Saturday Aug 25th Jeremy Blaska 8-10pm

Thursday Aug 30th Michael Blanchard 7-10pm

​Friday Aug 31st Mike Szafarowicz 8-11pm


Saturday Sept 1st Drake Ely 8-11pm

Thursday Sept 6th Pink Violin Band 7-10pm

Friday Sept 7th BOMM 8-10pm

Saturday Sept 8th Cat Canyon 8-11pm

Thursday Sept 13th Russ Kendrick Martin 7-10pm

Friday Sept 14th Michael Blanchard 8-11pm

Saturday Sept 15th TBC COMEDY NIGHT 9-11pm

Thursday Sept 20th Soup Sandwich 7-10pm

Friday Sept 21st Jeremy Blaska 8-10pm

Saturday Sept 22nd Cat Canyon 8-11pm

Thursday Sept 27th One Hit Wonders 7-10pm

Friday Sept 28th Mighty Rhythm Bandits 8-11pm

Saturday Sept 29th Michael Blanchard 8-11pm


Thursday Oct 4th Cat Canyon 7-10pm

Friday Oct 5th Michael Blanchard 8-11pm

Saturday Oct 6th Jeremy Blaska 8-10pm

Thursday Oct 11th Cat Canyon 7-10pm

Friday Oct 12th BOMM 8-10pm

Saturday Oct 13th Soup Sandwich 8-11pm

​Thursday Oct 18th Russ Kendrick Martin 7-10pm​

​Friday Oct 19th Amy Grace 8-10pm

Saturday Oct 20th TBC COMEDY NIGHT 9-11pm

Friday Oct 26th Mighty Rhythm Bandits 8-11pm


Thursday Nov 1st No Conflict 7-10pm

Friday Nov 2nd BOMM 8-10pm

Saturday Nov 3rd Jeremy Blaska 8-10pm

Thursday Nov 8th Mike Szafarowicz 7-10pm

Friday Nov 9th Michael Blanchard 8-11pm

Saturday Nov 10th TBC COMEDY NIGHT 9-11pm

​Thursday Nov 15th One Hit Wonders 7-10pm

Friday Nov 16th Amy Grace 8-10pm

Saturday Nov 17th Cat Canyon 8-11pm

Saturday Nov 24th Cat Canyon 8-11pm

Thursday Nov 29th Michael Blanchard 8-11pm

Friday Nov 30th Mighty Rhythm Bandits 8-11pm


Thursday Dec 6th Cat Canyon 7-10pm

​Friday Dec 7th BOMM 8-10pm

Saturday Dec 15th Jeremy Blaska 8-10pm

Thursday Dec 20th Cat Canyon 7-10pm

Saturday Dec 22nd TBC COMEDY NIGHT 9-11pm

​Thursday Dec 27th Michael Blanchard 7-10pm

NEW YEAR’S EVE PARTY! Monday Dec 31st Cat Canyon 9:15pm-12:15am