TBC's Oktoberfest @ the pub, all day Friday September 29th!

Tecumseh Brewing Company Upcoming Events




All Day Friday, September 29th

Join us for the release of our 3rd Annual TBC Oktoberfest Festbier!

Steins, swag, food specials & specialty brews!


*Tuesday Night Trivia*

Every Tuesday night we feature Sporcle Live Trivia, with Matt Francisco! Games begin @ 7 and 8pm. Game winners take home a $20 TBC gift card, and second place taking hom a $10 TBC gift card.


*Live Music & Comedy @ TBC*



Thursday, Sept 7th, Soup Sandwich 7-10pm

Friday, Sept 8th, Noah Martis 8-11pm

Saturday, Sept 9th, No Conflict 8-11pm

Thursday, Sept 14th, Cat Canyon 7-10pm

​Friday, Sept 15th, BOMM 8-11pm

Saturday, Sept 16th, STAND-UP COMEDY SHOWCASE 9-11pm

***Thursday, Sept 21st, Michael Blanchard 7-10pm***

***​Friday, Sept 22nd, Jeremy Blaska 8-11pm***

***Saturday, Sept 23rd, One Hit Wonders 8-11pm***

​Thursday, Sept 28th, Amy Grace 7-10pm

​Friday, Sept 29th, Noah Martis 8-11pm

Saturday, Sept 30th, Cat Canyon 7-10pm


Thursday, Oct 5th, Soup Sandwich 7-10pm

Friday, Oct 6th, BOMM 8-11pm

Saturday, Oct 7th, Jeremy Blaska 8-11pm

Thursday, Oct 12th, Cat Canyon 7-10pm

Friday, Oct 13th, No Conflict 8-11pm

Thursday, Oct 19th, Michael Blanchard 7-10pm

Friday, Oct 20th, One Hit Wonders 8-11pm

Saturday, Oct 21st, The Native Heart 8-11pm

HALLOWEEN COSTUME PARTY, Thursday, Oct 26th Soup Sandwich 7-10pm

Friday, Oct 27th STAND-UP COMEDY SHOWCASE 9-11pm

Saturday, Oct 28th The Parsnips 8-11pm


Thursday, Nov 2nd, Cat Canyon 7-10pm

Friday, Nov 3rd, BOMM 8-11pm

Saturday, Nov 4th, Jeremy Blaska 8-11pm

Thursday, Nov 9th, Cat Canyon 7-10pm

Friday, Nov 10th, Soup Sandwich 8-11pm

Saturday, Nov 11th, No Conflict 8-11pm

Thursday, Nov 16th, The Native Heart 7-10pm

Friday, Nov 17th, One Hit Wonders 8-11pm

Saturday, Nov 18th, Soup Sandwich 8-11pm

Friday, Nov 24th, Christopher Salyer 8-11pm

Saturday, Nov 25th, Soup Sandwich 8-11pm

Thursday, Nov 30th STAND-UP COMEDY SHOWCASE 9-11pm


Friday, Dec 1st, BOMM 8-11pm

Saturday, Dec 2nd, Jeremy Blaska 8-11pm

Thursday, Dec 7th, Cat Canyon 7-10pm

Friday, Dec 8th, Soup Sandwich 8-11pm

Saturday, Dec 9th, No Conflict 8-11pm

Thursday, Dec 14th Michael Blanchard 7-10pm

Friday, Dec 15th, One Hit Wonders 8-11pm

Saturday, December 16th, Cat Canyon 7-10pm

​Thursday, December 21st, The Native Heart 7-10pm


Thursday, Jan 4th Cat Canyon 7-10pm

Friday, Jan 5th Noah Martis 8-11pm

Saturday, Jan 6th Soup Sandwich 8-11pm

Thursday, Jan 11th Amy Grace 7-10pm

Friday, Jan 12th Michael Blanchard 8-11pm

Saturday, Jan 13th Cat Canyon 7-10pm

Thursday, Jan 18th Cat Canyon 7-10pm

Friday, Jan 19th Noah Martis 8-11pm

Saturday, Jan 20th The Native Heart 7-10pm

Thursday, Jan 25th Soup Sandwich 7-10pm

Friday, Jan 26th Jeremy Blaska 8-11pm

Saturday, Jan 27th Cat Canyon 7-10pm


Thursday, Feb 1st Russ Kendrick Martin 7-10pm

Friday, Feb 2nd Michael Blanchard 8-11pm

Saturday, Feb 3rd Cat Canyon 7-10pm

Thursday, Feb 8th Soup Sandwich 7-10pm

Friday, Feb 9th Noah Martis 8-11pm

Saturday, Feb 10th Cat Canyon 7-10pm

Thursday, Feb 15th Cat Canyon 7-10pm

Friday, Feb 16th Noah Martis 8-11pm

Saturday, Feb 17th The Native Heart 7-10pm

Thursday, Feb 22nd Cat Canyon 7-10pm

Friday, Feb 23rd Jeremy Blaska 8-11pm

Saturday, Feb 24th Soup Sandwich 8-11pm


Thursday, March 1st Cat Canyon 7-10pm

Friday, March 2nd Amy Grace 8-11pm

Saturday, March 3rd Soup Sandwich 8-11pm

Thursday, March 8th Soup Sandwich 7-10pm

Friday, March 9th Noah Martis 8-11pm

Saturday, March 10th Cat Canyon 7-10pm

Thursday, March 15th The Native Heart 7-10pm

Friday, March 16th Noah Martis 8-11pm

ST PATRICK'S DAY Saturday, March 17th Cat Canyon 7-10pm

Thursday, March 22nd Amy Grace 7-10pm

Friday, March 23rd Jeremy Blaska 8-11pm

Saturday, March 24th Cat Canyon 7-10pm

Friday, March 30th Soup Sandwich 8-11pm

Saturday March 31st Cat Canyon 7-10pm