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We make beer WE want to drink! Our objective is to always tinker with our recipes and offer an ever-evolving variety of sudsy goodness. Our brews will range from hearty stouts to zesty Belgians, a variety of IPAs to high-gravity ales.

In addition to brewing traditional IPAs, blondes, stouts and wheat ales we also enjoy concocting brews to satisfy our own curiosity, utilizing quirky ingredients like peanut butter, gojiberry & mango teas, cucumber, clementine, salt, berries, habanero, coffee, to name a few we have already explored. Join us to journey through a unique world of brewing originality and enjoy our versatile selection.


 current tap selection

All brews available in growler!

(July 25th, 2017)​


Super Simcoe SMaSH

DIPA brewed with Briess Brewers 2-row barley and Simcoe hops 9.6% ABV 100 IBU

 Trip To Lemon Grove

Belgian-style Witbier brewed with lemon zest 5.6% ABV 20 IBU

Sichuan Wit

Witbier brewed with orange zest and Sichuan peppercorns 4.7% ABV 10 IBU

Strawberry Yum Yum

Session IPA brewed with Hull Melon hops and strawberry purée 5.3% ABV 42 IBU


Saison brewed with all Michigan ingredients, featuring sweet briar rose, grapefruit mint & chamomile 5.1% ABV 21 IBU

Pink Sidewinder

American Pale Wheat brewed with raspberry purée 6.0% ABV 20 IBU

Tropical Alley-oop 

Coconut IPA brewed with Citra & Azacca hops 6.6% ABV 60 IBU

International Herb

American Pale Ale brewed with Yerba Mate, a South American herbal tea 5.9% ABV 35 IBU

Hayden's Hefeweizen

Traditional German-style wheat ale 5.5% ABV 15 IBU

PB Jammin'

Ale brewed with peanut butter and chocolate-raspberry coffee 6.3% ABV 18 IBU

Boston Cooler

Cream ale brewed with candied ginger, milk sugar & vanilla 4.5% ABV 20 IBU

Resurrection Stout

American stout brewed with oats, chocolate malt & roasted barley 7.4% ABV 38 IBU

The Switch

Double India black ale brewed with Falconer's Flight 7C's & Ekuanot hops 8.2% ABV 70 IBU


**Coming Soon: IPA, Amber Ale, A Finer Temptress, Cream Ale


We are proud to utilize our awesome local purveyors!

*Churchkey Farms, Deerfield MI *Hop Head Farms, Hickory Corners MI *The Daily Grind coffeehouse, Tecumseh MI *British Tea Pantry, Tecumseh MI *Peppalo-The Boulevard Market, Tecumseh MI *DRM Farms, Clinton MI *DeGrandchamp Farms, South Haven, MI *Kapnick Orchards, Britton MI *Rustic Gnome, Adrian MI *AIH, Ann Arbor MI

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